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Ceramic Technology

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From the viewpoint of Materials Science, there are only three classes of materials – metals, polymers and ceramics. The class ceramics, therefore, includes a wide range of materials that are mostly crystalline in structure, exhibit extreme heat and shock resistant properties and are used in numerous applications in the modern civilization. By optimizing the physical properties through engineering the atomic structure, composition and processing steps, advanced ceramic materials can be manufactured that find applications in aerospace, automotive, chemical pharmaceuticals, food processing, medical equipment, energy conservation (heat insulation), energy conversion and storage etc. From the research point of view, ceramic materials are rich in exciting new physics in the areas of ferroelectrics, multiferroics, piezoelectricity, ferromagnetic, superconductivity and photonics. With an aim to fill the void in both traditional ceramic engineering, TMSS Institute of Science & ICT established Ceramic department in 2017. By taking a multi-disciplinary approach – involving the knowledge of materials and metallurgical engineering, physics and electrical engineering – and incorporating the lessons from nanotechnology, our department has been conducting teaching and research in both traditional and advanced ceramics and glass engineering. Our mission is to sustain the booming ceramic industry in Bangladesh and create new industries in various fields such as - renewable energy, bio-medical technology and advanced materials based on glass and ceramics. Welcome to the exciting world of Ceramics!

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