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Shaima Hanif

Electrical Technology

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I would like to extend my warmest welcome to you as the Head to the Department of Electrical technology at TMSS Institute of science & ICT. Technology is rapidly growing and with that, the role of electrical engineers becomes more important. They are the forefront of developing new technologies in different industries such as robotics, transportation, construction and healthcare. To prepare the future leaders for these innovations, I am proud to be the Head of a department which offers Diploma in Electrical technology. Diploma in Electrical Engineering is a certificate/beginner level course in the domain of Electrical engineering and its related aspects. One can pursue the course after completion of his/her SSC/Dakhil/Relevant degree with minimum 2.00 grade point. The course is of four years duration with a semester-wise system of examination. Electrical technology is concerned with the design, research, development, planning, manufacture and management of systems and devices relying on electricity and light to transmit data and power which underpin modern economies and contribute to the quality of human life. Graduates of diploma engineering colleges start Electrical Engineering careers fairly easily because most employers search for fresh minds with good training. They are glad to get young people they can mold to their own specific needs and turn them into experts. This is also the reason why electrical engineers are the most valued on the job market. Being an electrical engineer opens a lot of opportunities for you, locally and internationally. Many companies outside the country are in need of electrical engineers, and most of them are open in hiring professionals from other countries. The electrical engineering technology courses concentrate on basic electrical theory and its relation to analog and digital systems. The electrical technology laboratory courses emphasize the aspects learned in basic theory classes and show the theoretical principles applied to actual circuits. TISI has recognized from the very beginning that these students need and deserve better than average facilities and environment for their optimum development. TISI is committed to provide quality education. An excellent teacher team has been engaged to nurture its students. We are committed to placing our department as one of the top departments nationwide. I am certain that we have the potential to reach this goal sooner than later. I thank everyone for the valuable support in bringing us where we are now. Please explore our website and know more about us.

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