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Civil Technology Course Overview Civil engineering is the division of engineering concerned with the building, designing, planning, and maintenance of the material and naturally built surroundings. It is one of the oldest and largest branches of engineering. Features  Civil engineers are professionals dealing with the management of our constructed and natural environment.  Advanced knowledge of structure, design, estimate & construction skills  Skilled in architectural design techniques and working with blueprints, maps, drawings and models, as well as computer programs used in architectural design and construction.  Work with project managers in construction sites to ensure that projects are completed satisfactorily, on time, and within budget.  Students remain in this country also serving with local & multinational companies with reputation besides study in B.Sc. Engineering in various universities.  An in numerous number of diploma in civil engineering passed students are living standard lives for service & study in Europe, America, Australia, South African countries worldwide. Scope Civil Engineers are professionally responsible for overseeing design and construction of industrial plant buildings, transmission towers/lines, waterworks, river navigation, airport runways, skyscrapers, power plants, irrigation canals, traffic control infrastructure, dams, shipping canals, bridges, rail-roads, sewers and highways. A Civil Engineer typically possesses advanced supervisory and managerial abilities. Civil Engineers work in groups or teams with numerous different engineers. Civil Engineering Diploma holders can go for various advance diploma courses in Drafting and Design, Structural Design and Surveying. Through lateral entry they can do B.E or B.Tech courses in Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering etc. Covering subject:  Engineering Drawing  Workshop Practice  Civil Engineering Materials  Civil Engineering Drawing (CAD)  Surveying  Construction Process  Civil Workshop Practice  Structural Mechanics  Estimating & Costing  Geotechnical Engineering  Water Supply Engineering  Theory of Structure  Hydraulics  Advance Surveying  Transportation Engineering  Design of Structure  Sanitary Engineering  Water Resources Engineering  Civil Engineering Project Lab/workshop information The department consists of one lab which are well equipped with modern instruments, so that the students can understand the practical aspects of the subjects studied by them.

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