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Name : Jakiya Jafrin
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Designation : Instructor & Head Of Department

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Glass Technology

Course Overview

Glass is an amorphous solid. The term is usually applied to inorganic solids and not to plastics or other organics. Glasses do not have crystalline internal structure. They usually are hard and brittle solids. The term includes the purification of raw materials, the study and production of the chemical compounds concerned, their formation into components and the study of their structure, composition and properties
	Students remain in this country also serving with local & multinational companies with reputation besides 
	Advanced knowledge of glass materials
	Develop maintenance and testing procedures for glass products
	Design new ways to use Bangladeshi raw materials instead of foreign raw materials
	 Making a collaboration with biomedical
	Evaluate systems and recommend design modifications or equipment repair
It is an interesting branch of engineering because it involves study of traditional glass & advanced glass including with computers, electrical, and communication. Advance glass is an interesting field with wide research topics.

Covering subject:
	Glass engineering materials‐1
	Glass Workshop Practice
	Mechanical Engineering Drawing
	Electronic Engineering Fundamental
	Glass Engineering Materials‐2
	Glass Plants & Equipment
	Preparation of Glass Raw Materials
	Glass Mould & Die‐1
	Glass Engineering Chemistry
	Electrical Circuits & Machines
	Fuels & Combustion
	Business Origination & Communication
	Ceramic Graphics Design
	Accounting Theory & Practice
	Glass Melting Furnace
	Ceramic Manufracturing‐1
	Environmental Studies
	Ceramic Manufracturing‐2
	Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics
	Furnace Design & Construction
	Cement Manufacturing

Lab/workshop information
The department consists of lab which are well equipped with modern instruments, so that the students can understand the practical aspects of the subjects.
Fees Structure Of Glass Technology


l   No


Admission, & Registration  Fees

Semester Development Fee

Monthly Tuition Fee

Total Course Fee


Diploma in Glass Technology
(04 years = 08 semesters)

Tk 6000/-+ 2000/- Payable at a time at the time of admission


Tk 1500/- Payable in each month

6000/-+ 2000/- + 1500×48=


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